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Our Philosophy

Learning through play

Our philosophy is “learning through play”. Through play children makes sense of the world around them. They develop cognitive and social skills while gaining confidence, and engaging in new experiences as an individual and with peers. The idea of play being children’s work is now the philosophy of many preschools.

Countryside provides a safe, stimulating environment that allows a child to learn through play. Our spacious classroom boasts well-equipped learning centres and play areas that provide fun and stimulating activities. A large open indoor area provides space for dancing, music, obstacle courses, imaginative play, or group games. Our expansive outdoor playground is the signature piece of Countryside. We are known for being outside every day of our program, rain or shine!


Our teachers follow the British Columbia Early Learning Framework, which recognizes children are active participants in their learning. Children’s experiences within their family and culture are central to their interests and learning, and learning occurs within supportive and safe environments. To find out more, contact us to connect with one of our teachers.

countyside preschool

 Our Teachers

Catherine Kay, ECE

Catherine was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. In 1999 she made Victoria her home, and started working more formally with children. In 2007 she decided to pursue her ECE training, and began the program at Camosun College.  Catherine’s love of teaching and children is fed by children’s creativity and their inquisitive approach to the surrounding world.

She has worked in a variety of settings, from one-on-one to large groups. She has worked with all ages of children, from newborn infants to teenagers.  Though each age group has its perks, the preschool age is where Catherine finds her spark. Preschool-aged children have contagious, unending enthusiasm. They also have a wonderful willingness to believe in a little bit of ‘magic’ in the world.

When enjoying downtime (no easy task with three of her own children at home!), you can find Catherine knitting or puttering in the garden.

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Our Programs

On Fridays we offer a free community drop-in program for children under 5 and their caregivers.  On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we offer 2 day, 3 day and 4 day preschool programs. 

Our school offers two fee schedules to suit your time and budget. Working parent or need time to dedicate to other tasks? Our drop-and-go spots might be right for you. 


Want to get more involved in our community or looking for leadership opportunities? Choose our parent-participation program. 

Parent Participation

2 days - 147.00

3 days - 245.50

4 days - 344.00

Drop and go

2 days - 197.00

3 days - 295.50

4 days - 394.00

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